For Students

There is plenty of interesting research work in our group and we are always happy to welcome new students. Please contact individual researchers for more information.

Ph.D. projects available:

1) Assembly of avian reovirus – structure and function of viral factories (viroplasms) – supervisors Roman Tuma and Zdenek Franta

2) Structural analysis  of proteins from avian reovirus – supervisors Roman Tuma, Ivana Kuta-Smatanova, Zdenek Franta

3) Development of hybrid nanostructures for photonic applications – from quantum theory to chemical biology – supervisors David Reha, David Kaftan, Roman Tuma  

Shorter versions of the above projects are also available as MSc projects

MSc projects: 

1) Structure and assembly of light harvesting complexes from green photosythetic bacteria – theoretical approach – supervisors Roman Tuma and David Reha