Group leader

Roman Tuma
principal investigator
Virus assembly and molecular machines
HPLC and solution scattering techniques
rtuma at
C 01 026
Part time also at University of Leeds, U.K.

Research interests

1. Virus assembly – dsRNA viruses/Avian reovirus, viral factories/viroplasms

2. Mechano-chemical coupling in molecular motors that translocate along nucleic acids and polypeptides e.g. viral ATPases and SecYEG/SecA

3. Assembly of bacteriochlorophylls and structure of light harvesting antennae – chlorosomes

4. Single molecule fluorescence and optical imaging techniques 

We apply combination of advanced biophysical and structural techniques to study self-assembly and function of large macromolecular complexes such as viruses, Sec translocon, helicases and light harvesting complexes. Key biological processes that are studied in our group: RNA packaging and segment assortment in dsRNA viruses of the Reoviridae family; mechanism and dynamics of hexameric helicases and SecA driven polypeptide translocation across membranes. We also use self-assembly of bacterial photosynthetic pigments to create hybrid quantum dot nanostructures for applications in synthetic biology and nanophotonics.

Project manager

Renata Krinesová
project manager
rkrinesova at
Project Department, ÚMBR BC AV, 3rd floor  


Joel Crossley

single-molecule fluorescence
joelcrossley at
C 01 038

Filip Dyčka

Reasearch interests: proteomics, MS
Facility responsibility: Mass Spectrometry
fdycka at
C 01 044

Tomáš Fessl
single-molecule fluorescence
fessl at
C 01 038

Zdeněk Franta
molecular biology
zfranta at
C 01 019

Zdeno Gardian
gardian at
Laboratory of EM
Part time also at Institute of parasitology BC, ASCR
David Kaftan
Research interests: photosynthesis, spectroscopy, AFM
Facility responsibility: AFM
dkaftan at
C 01 019
Part time also at Institute of Microbiology ASCR
Peter Konik
mass spectrometry
konik at
C 01 044

Ivana Kutá-Smatanová
Research interests: protein crystallogenesis and crystallography
Facility responsibility: X-ray
ivanaks at (kuta at
C 01 025

David Řeha
computational chemistry
reha at
C 01 020
Part time also at the Institute of Microbiology ASCR, Nove Hrady

Lab Technician

Zuzana Světelová

Lab technician
svetez00 at
C 01 018

PhD students

Barbora Kaščáková
Mol-bio and structural studies of sigmaNS and P4 proteins
Supervisor: doc. RNDr. Ivana Kutá-Smatanová, Ph.D.
barbora.karrafova at
C 01 024

Eva Ďurinová

Cryo Electron Microscopy in Structural Studies of Biological Specimen.
Supervisor: Zdeno Gardian
Laboratory of EM

MSc and BSc Students

Kateřina Vejvodová
Volodymyr Tsibulsky
Eliška Kotounová
Matin Kazemi
Andreea-Adriana Avram
Marc Ninou-Codina
Siroun Moura
Farah Khalil
Nelli Manoczki