In January 2018 two AKTA PURE M2 systems (GE Healthcare) were installed and will be ready for wider use in Febuary. 

The first is an extended preparative system installed in a refridgerated cabinet at 5C. It is equipped with a sample pump, allowing loading of large volumes of viscous cell lysates onto high capacity preparative colums. It is equipped with set of versatile valves and intermediate loops/superloops, thus enabling automated two step purifications. This is further supported by multiwavelength UV/VIS detector and conductivity and pH sensors.

The second system is semi-preparative/analytical HPLC, primarily targeted at final steps in macromolecular complex purification and characterization. It is equipped with a refridgerated autosampler and a clean enclosed tray fraction collector. In addition, multiple angle laser light scattering detector (Wyatt Te
chnologies Heleos 
II) with dynamic light scattering option (DLS) and refractive index detector (Wyatt Technologies TRex) are available in the flowpath for precise characterization of mass and hydrodynamic shape of complexes ranging from 1 nm to 500 nm in size. Native mass analysis using integrated multiwavelength UV/VIS detector enables analysis of complex subunit stoichio
metries, e.g. ribonucleoproteins and multisubunit enzymes or photosynthetic complexes.