Cryo Electron Microscopy

The Laboratory of Electron Microscopy offers techniques to solve structures of biological samples from low to near-atomic resolution.

In the second quarter of 2018 our JEOL JEM–2100F microscope was upgraded with GATAN K2 Summit direct detector, JEOL Phase Plate and Cryo facilities. 

The K2 Summit electron counting direct detection camera is the highest performance detector available for cryo-electron microscopy. Direct detection cameras receive the incoming electrons directly onto the sensor and eliminates the need for scintillators and fiber optics or lenses and greatly reduces the delocalization of electrons-from the point at which the electron entered the camera, into a cloud of light at the sensor.
The unmatched frame rate of this direct detector allows electron counting modes to improve both contrast and resolution for large and small molecules alike.

The Phase Plate offers a solution that achieves a significantly improved contrast for 3D Cryo-TEM imaging. With an increase in contrast, more structural and morphological information can be retrieved from cryo-tomographic reconstructions. Increase in image contrast allows each tilt image to be recorded at a lower electron dose resulting in less damage to the specimen.

High tilt liquid nitrogen cryo-transfer holder
, designed for low temperature transfer and subsequent recording of radiationsensitive, frozen hydrated specimens for cryo-electron microscopy. The low profile tip design of the holder provides a large field of view at high tilt angles to facilitate frozen hydrated tomographic data collection.

The Solarus advanced plasma cleaning system is designed to remove hydrocarbon contamination with less sputter damage on transmission electron microscope samples including holey carbon films. The Solarus system also works as vacuum storage of TEM holders.

High pressure freezer for capturing the intricate changes in fine structure or cellular dynamics. 
Plunge freezer for the preparation of vitrified fluid samples or extremely thin samples for cryo-TEM.