David Kaftan

Atomic force Microscopy

dkaftan at jcu.cz
CH 01 019
+420 387776230


M.Sc. 1997, University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic
Ph.D. 2000, University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic
Postdoctoral Fellow, 2000-2002, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel
Group Leader, 2003-2011, Laboratory of Nanobiology, Institute of Physical Biology, University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic
Research Fellow of Institute of Microbiology, 2014-present, Department of Phototrophic Microorganisms, Třeboň, Czech Republic
PI, 2012-present, Faculty of Science, University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic

Research Interests and keywords:
1) Thermal stability of photosynthetic reaction centers
2) Electron transfer in biological systems
3) Atomic Force Microscopy – imaging, force measurements
4) Structure-function relationships in bacterial photosynthetic reaction centers and their light harvesting complexes – Gemmatimonadetes, Chloroflexi

Key recent publications:

Kaftan, D., Medová, H., Selyanin, V., Kopejtka, K. and Koblížek, M. (2018) Extended temperature optimum of photosynthetic reaction centers in Rhodobacterales. Photosynthetica

Strunecký, O., Kopejtka, K., Goecke, F., Tomasch, J., Lukavský, J., Neori, A., Kahl, S., Pieper, D.H., Pilarski, P., Kaftan D. and Koblížek, M. (2018) High diversity of thermophilic cyanobacteria in Rupite hot-spring identified by microscopy, cultivation, single-cell PCR and amplicon sequencing. Extremophiles. DOI: 10.1007/s00792-018-1058-z

Piwosz, K., Kaftan, D., Dean, J., Šetlík., J. and Koblížek (2018) Nonlinear effect of irradiance on photoheterotrophic activity and growth of the aerobic anoxygenic phototrophic bacterium Dinoroseobacter shibae. Environmental Microbiology. doi:10.1111/1462-2920.14003

Dachev, M., Bína, D., Sobotka, R., Moravcová, L., Gardian, Y., Kaftan, D., Šlouf, V., Fuciman, M., Polívka, T. and Koblížek, M. (2017) Unique double concentric ring organization of light harvesting complexes in Gemmatimonas phototrophica. PLoS Biology 15(12): e2003943. https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pbio.2003943

Shlyk, O., Samish, I., Matěnová, M., Dulebo, A., Poláková, H., Kaftan, D. and Scherz, A. (2017) A single residue controls electron transfer gating in photosynthetic reaction centers. Scientific Reports 7: 44580, doi: 10.1038/srep44580

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