Minisymposium – Dec 19th 2018, Lecture Hall C2, Building C, JCU campus

Inaugural symposium and poster session to mark grand opening of new research facilities which will take place on Dec 19. 12. 9am-7pm in Building C lecture hall C2, JCU campus, Ceske Budejovice (Budweis), map here.
Registration (free) is open till 9.12. 2018.
Talks will introduce and illustrate use of the new facilities (see program below). The purpose of the poster session is to showcase research from the faculty and visitors in order to facilitate and initiate new collaborations. So, please, bring posters (new or recycled) with you! 


9:00 Opening – Prof. Tomáš Machula – Rektor and Prof. František Vácha – Dean, Faculty of Science

9:05 Overview of the centre – Roman Tuma

9:15 Keynote 1: Cryo-EM of viruses – Sarah Butcher (University of Helsinki)

10:00 RNA packaging in dsRNA viruses – Jack Bravo/Alex Borodavka (University of Leeds)

10:20 Imaging tools for following virus assembly in live cells – Marek Scholz

10:30 Coffee break and poster presentations (posters from faculty, visitors and collaborators)

11:00 Keynote 2: Protein translocation across membranes – Ian Collinson (University of Bristol)

11:45 Dynamics of the SecY lateral gate underpins ATP driven translocation – Joel Crossley

12:00 Keynote 3: Membrane protein dynamics by smFRET – Michael Schlierf (TU Dresden)

12:45 Buffett lunch and posters (all participants)

14:00 Protein production and characterization facility – Zdenek Franta

14:10 Crystallization and structure determination – Ivana Kuta-Smatanova

14:20 Mass spectrometry facility – Peter Konik

14:30 Revealing dynamics of hexameric ring helicase by mass spectrometry – Filip Dycka

14:40 Cryo-EM facility – Zdeno Gardian

14:50 Cryo-ET of chlorosomes – Tomas Bily

15:00 Single mol imaging – Tomas Fessl

15:10 David Kaftan – AFM and chlorosomes

15:20 Coffee break and posters/tour of facilities  

15:50 Keynote 4: From molecular dynamics simulations to experimental data – Emanuele Paci (University of Leeds)

16:35 What drives self-assembly of chlorosomes: insights from computational chemistry – David Reha

16:50 Keynote 5: Viscoelastic approach to conformational changes in large complexes – Sarah Harris (University of Leeds)

17:20 – Closing remarks

17:30-onwards:  Tour of facilities and poster session with beer, wine and nibbles

19:30 Dinner in town (all speakers, group leaders and university guests)

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